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and historical purposes, all rights 2008-09-18 Nikon Photomic Meter Repairs. F2 Photomic DP-1, DP-11 F2A Meters $125. F2S, F2SB, F2AS overhauls $150. Plus parts, in the unlikely event they really are needed. Payment must accompany the Photomic Head (don't send the body if the problem is only with the meter) Add $20 Priority Mail shipping back to you, within the US. Nikon F2 Photomic DP-1 Prism Finder, in clean condition, some rub marks on the black enamel paintwork mainly around the edge of the Nikon Logo on the front of the prism, the prism itself is in good condition optically, no chips and the silvering is in good condition and it has the original black plastic prism protector figure on it. Nikon F2 Black Photomic DP-1 35mm SLR Film Camera Body from Japan #1003.

Nikon f2 photomic dp-1

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It strikes me that $250. to $300. is the going price for a good F2 DP1. I'd sell the F2 with the DP1 finder and sell the DP-2 finder separately. Take good photos of it to display with the auction. Jerry 31.01.2020: Collection – early chrome Nikon DP-1 Photomic «DUMMY» Finder 204038 added 30.01.2020: Collection – early chrome camera Nikon F2 Photomic 7100547 revised 30.01.2020: Collection – early Nikon MD-1 Motor Drive 200162 revised Get the best deals on Nikon F2 Film Cameras.

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They looks great and  Nikon F Photomic Ftn 35mm SLR Film Camera W/ Case & Nippon Kogaku Lens. The original Nikon F2 Photomic, packaged with the Nikon DP-1 head, was  There are considerably more than a lot of the consumer-level cameras I've reviewed here. DP-1 photomic viewfinder CdS meter; shutter speed, aperture, and  Even with CdS cells, the F2S' meter is much more sensitive than the earlier DP-1 of the Nikon F2 Photomic. By deliberate design (this is in the user's manuals),  Nikon F2 Photomic + DP-1 35mm Reflex Film Camera Body Only - GARANTI 60 JOURS.

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The DP-1 which comes with the Nikon F2 Photomic utilizes Nikon's through-the-lens center-weighted exposure measurement at full aperture by centering the needle; stop down control is possible. Fully interchangeable with other F2 Nikon viewfinders, this finder is designed for Non-AI lenses. The Nikon F2 viewfinder displays the shutter speed and aperture, conveniently placed next to the meter needle.

Nikon f2 photomic dp-1

The Nikon Photomic Finder DP-1 incorporates a precise center-weighted Cds exposure metering system which couples with the camera's lens aperture diaphragm and shutter speed controls. It makes possible easy, accurate thru-the-lens exposure measurement with the Nikon F2. The Nikon F2 viewfinder displays the shutter speed and aperture, conveniently placed next to the meter needle. The viewfinder is very big and very bright. (Daniel J. Schneider) The DP-1 (the designation for the standard TTL prism) features a center-weighted metering circuit with CdS photocells. NEAR MINT Nikon F2 Photomic DP-1 SLR Film Camera w/ Nikkor 50mm f1.4 ai JAPAN. $249.99 + $49.99 shipping Nikon F2 Photomic(DP-1 Meter Head, 1971-1976) The more expensive F2 Photomic used the DP-1 Photomic head. It uses CdS cells and a meter needle.
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Nikon f2 photomic dp-1

Exposure meter: with 2 CdS cells.

$ 235.00 $ 199.00.
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Nikon F2 Photomic Meter Repairs : Many People will tell you the Nikon F2 Photomic Meters can not be repaired due to lack of parts. What is really happening most of the time is that they don't understand how it can be repaired, so they say it can't be repaired, really believing what they are saying. Nikon F2 Black Photomic DP-1 35mm SLR Film Camera Body from Japan #1003.

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Nikon F2 Black Photomic DP-1 35mm SLR Film Camera Body from Japan #1003. $165.00. $41.00 shipping [Mint+] Nikon F2 Photomic 35mm SLR Film Camera Silver Body From JAPAN. $199.99. $31.00 shipping.